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General Information


 In the globalizing world and in the process of full membership of Turkey to the European Union, the need for competent verbal and written translators in terms of Turkey's position and conditions is increasing. The increase in interest in the field, in turn, necessitates that the activities be carried out more efficiently and efficiently; Which in turn brings the demand for employment, which is qualified staff. This information is in the light of the objective of the Applied English and Interpretation Program; Providing the highest level of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English and Turkish; Is to train graduates with the competence to translate in different sectors by acting on the terms and concepts used in the business world. The Applied English and Interpretation Program, which operates within the Vocational School of Kastamonu University in Bozkurt district, offers both a theoretical and a practice-based education in relation to different sectors in order to use Turkish and English in the most effective way. At this point, our graduates have the competence to translate a wide range of texts ranging from literary works to scientific articles. 



 The curriculum of the Applied English and Interpreting Program is designed with courses that can be used at all levels of Business life. In addition to basic courses such as Comparative Grammar, Dialogue Introduction, Oral Dialogue Introduction, Composition, Oral Communication Skills, Contemporary English and American Literature, Interpretation, Translation Techniques and Theories, as well as Media Translation, Technical Translation, Literary Text Translation.


Programs of Applied English and Translation